WELCOME TO TIECHE Engineered Systems (TIECHE Inc)

TIECHE Engineered Systems (TIECHE Inc.) is a technology firm based in the beautiful Simi Valley, California.

TIECHE Engineered Systems (TIECHE Inc.) has been focused on automation technologies for almost a decade. Our clients include Fortune 100 companies. We provide state of the art solutions for various industries and applications worldwide. Our products and solutions focus on increased efficiency and performance for Critical Space Environment Management, Automated Application Testing and Business Operations Management.

TIECHE Engineered Systems (TIECHE Inc.) provides Automated Application Testing solutions to our clients worldwide. Our Automated Testing platform (Automation-X) offers a comprehensive set of features to implement full automated testing solutions for Web Applications, API and Database Applications. Our solutions are designed for today's Testing needs with a focus on achieving higher performance for the testing cycle while reducing the overall cost.

We offer a range of traditional services as well as innovative approaches to those traditional services. 

TIECHE Engineered Systems (TIECHE Inc) is a team of subject matter experts focused on Technology Integration for the...

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