TIECHE Engineered Systems (TIECHE Inc.) offers a variety of innovative products and solutions that are widely used for Facilities Management, Environmental Controls, Remote Monitoring & Alarming, Energy Management, Critical Infrastructure Management and Industrial Automation. All our products are designed, manufactured & assembled by using the most advanced engineering principles and state of the art technologies.

Enterprise Facilities Management
SECOWEB™ is a state of the art Facilities Management Software that is easily integrated to most enterprise software packages and can be securely accessed over the internet or intranet. It provides everything to manage your facilities from a "big-picture" view of large building footprints to monitoring & analysis of a single piece of equipment.   More

Automation Testing Platform

AutomationX™ is a state of the art test automation platform for test planning, test data management, automated test development, test execution, defect tracking and reporting. AutomationX simplifies test automation by combining an intuitive user interface with state of the art backend technology. AutomationX has unique technological advantages such as Intelligent UI recognition to help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the testing processes.   More

Facilities Management Module

ECOM-12™ is an advanced microprocessor based controller which provides cost effective & "simple to use" facilities management & building control. ECOM-12™ can be securely accessed remotely by using a web browser.  More
Integration Software
IGM™ is an advanced system integration tool to retrieve data from multiple systems using various protocols and makes it securely available through XML technology for integration with Front End & Enterprise software packages. IGM supports various protocols including Modbus, BACNET & SNMP.
Enterprise Alarm Management
SECOWEB™ Alarm Manager is a state of the art Enterprise Management Software for wide area alarm management of multiple facilities. SECOWEB™ Alarm Manager provides the users real time alarm visibility over the worldwide web and has built in work flow for effective and efficient alarm management.