TIECHE Engineered Systems (TIECHE Inc) is a team of subject matter experts focused on Technology Integration for the built environment.  Where the technology has gaps, we engineer new solutions.

We have experience with program development and strategy, design, installation, commissioning, maintenance, and program management of smart systems.  We are a unique blend of planners, designers, contractors, and commissioning agents all in one with the capabilities of supporting any facet of your next building automation project.  Our engineers are experienced professionals with a long tenure of technical work involving Energy Management, HVAC systems, Building Management Systems (BMS), real-time Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), and Building Systems Performance Analysis. Our multi-disciplined team of “hands on” professionals can provide customized solutions for the specific needs of our clients.

  We provide custom developed products and services to support smart buildings and smart cities     worldwide. We specialize in Building Automation & Control Systems, Energy Management Systems, Power     Monitoring & Sub-metering, Intelligent Alarming Systems and Commissioning for facilities in a number of     industries.

   We integrate technology with buildings AND people.  We support smart building technology integrations    end-to-end.

    We provide custom products & services for emerging energy markets.

     We specialize in energy management & conservation. We look for innovative approaches for conserving      resources, time & cost.

    We understand how to use technology & engineering to achieve a higher level of performance for our     clients.

    We use advanced engineering, cutting edge technology & industry best practices to ensure the highest     efficiency and reliability for our clients.