ECOM-12™  Web-based  programmable  controller  combines  the convenience of web access with real-time onboard control & data logging to provide a cost efficient and powerful solution for managing your facility systems. ECOM-12™ can be set up as a standalone facilities management system or integrated to any IT or BAS platform by means of XML communications.

ECOM-12™  has an expandable hardware architecture that allows for scaling of the system cost effectively for applications of varying requirements. Users can expand the point capacity to up to 80 hardwired points by adding additional I/O cards. In addition, it supports a host of other interfaces including Modbus RTU, USB,
RS485, and Zigbee for wireless communications.

ECOM-12™ is technology rich with built-in Ethernet ready hardware and TCP/IP stacks that enable the controller to be accessible across a LAN, WAN, and the internet. It is preloaded with technologies such as an
HTML, XML data exchange, Modbus RTU, USB, RS485, Zigbee, WIEGAND, and SNMP. The built in switching tables allow for control of digital channels using custom, complex programming conditions. The system supports data logging as well as email and SNMP notifications.