SECOWEB™ combines the most advanced technologies to put together a comprehensive Facilities Management Solution. SECOWEB™ platform was designed from the ground up including hardware, software and field sensors. As a result, SECOWEB™ provides a solution which is technologically advanced, cost efficient, reliable and is easy to use.

SECOWEB™ is designed with the end user in mind. The easy to use CND programming allows the user to create advanced level front end systems without any training. Thus, SECOWEB™ not only provides the lowest ownership cost, it also has the lowest set up cost in the industry.

SECOWEB web server combines simple to use dynamic front end graphics with industry leading real time tools. Using its built-in XML IP capability, SECOWEB™ can communicate on Wide Area Networks (WAN), which are connected over Intranet or Internet.

SECOWEB™ Enhanced   Energy   Efficiency  (E3)   module  leverages   its Advanced Reporting  feature to allocate,    analyze and present data in an organized and informative way through easy to use & easy to configure actionable energy reports. The reports are delivered to any PC or Smart Phone automatically keeping the information you need at your finger tips.